Karizma sale-call in or online-everything!!!

  1. Shellie let me know about a sale they are having this week and for the near future. The sale is buy one and get one 50% off...if you buy a third item it is 30% off. (Every item after two would be an additional 30% off). This includes everything in the store...even new arrivals!

    For those of you near Corono del Mar- she has a bigger selection than is on the website. They are now carrying Lesa Wallace handbags, and she has the cherry color Botkier handbags. Happy shopping!

    If you want something you don't see on the website-call them and you can find out and order from there. :smile:

    T: 949-219-0023
  2. Wow thanks Jan! Do we need a code?
  3. No, she didn't tell me that you did-but if you want something-I'd just call it in. She said it was their summer blowout sale...considering it includes new arrivals-it's a great opportunity! They had their website redone, but she said they have much more in the store so if you are looking for something in particular to call and ask. They had the cherry Botkier in small, medium and large, and I'm not sure that it's on the site. The Lesa Wallace bags were in pretty colors as well-and they don't have those on the site yet. Good luck! Mention the Forum when you call.
  4. Clarification on the sale-you MUST call in your order as it cannot be linked to on the website. ;)
  5. Wow, thanks JNH14! I'm going to try to get there today. I'll let you know all about it.
  6. I finally got to Karizma to check out the sale. The sale is amazing! It includes the entire store. Lots of handbags, and great clothes! New Rozae Nichols, Mike and Chris, jewelry, etc. I had to split my purchase on 2 cards. Well worth it for those who can stop in.:yahoo::yahoo::tup:
  7. I just got back from the store. Really cute clothes there! I got a bunch of tops and some sandals. I would highly recommend anyone who is in Orange County to drop by the store. The ladies are really nice.

    They have a $25 and $50 rack (up to 80% off regular price) and the discount (buy one get one 50% off, 30% off thereafter) includes all their newest items. The clothes were super cute. They also had this Botkier Bianca Medium Satchel in Olive I was so tempted to get, but I just got a great deal on the Bone/Gold of the same bag and I had to hold back. Okay, I am officially on a tPF buying ban now :smile: Oh and mention that you came from tPF. They really thought it was cool that I found out about their sale from here.

  8. Here are a few of the things I bought that I could find pictures for on the website.
    4567s.jpg LinQgrMed.jpg blkwhite_flipflops_sm.jpg
  9. what is their website?
  10. karizmaboutique.com
  11. Just wanted to give my .02! The owner of Karizma is super nice! I scored a medium Cherry Bianca at 30% off and a large Bianca at 20% off.
  12. Really cute clothes, bags, and other stuff at pretty good prices...y'all should make haste and call over there!
  13. thanks!