Karizma Boutique

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  1. Has anyone dealt with them before? I may be spoiled since Hayden harnett has my bags at my door in a split second. I ordered the Botkier Hobo on the 30th. I did get a letter saying they had my order. I called on Tuesday to check on it's status. The lady just said she's check on it and get back to me. Nothing. So I called today, and after alot of looking they found my order and said it was sent. I explained that their site says a tracking page would be sent to me when they ship. She did manually give me the tracking number. It just seems a little slipshot. Is everyone who ordered from them Happy?

    She said I got the last one they had and I was going to love it. I just said...I hope so....if I ever get it. And she just giggled. She was very pleasant and friendly. I guess all of my past buying from boutiques have been awesome and I thought this one might be the Dud in the bunch.
  2. Hi there,

    I ordered it on the 31st and from the email I received it says they processed my order. I have not heard from them since then. I do know that a while after I placed my bag, they had no more left. So I was under the impression that I did get one. Now I have to wait till later to find out whether or not they shipped mine if there was one left. Urgh!!! This is so painful - this waiting I mean. In case you do get it today, please let me know how you like it!!

  3. I have ordered from Karizma several times. The first time item was shipped within a day and I received in 3 days.

    I also ordered from their 50% Xmas sale - ordered on the 23rd and finally received last week. Never did get confirmation or shipping info until UPS called me to notify they were delivering. I assume they were overwhelmed with orders and with the holidays just didn't keep up with the volume, so I forgave them.

    Overall my experience with them has been good. I would buy from them again.
  5. Don't stress Nanrao, she said they had only had 2 left when I ordered and I got the last one and since I ordered (very late in the night on the 30th) actually it probably was the 31st by then, our orders took the last 2. Maybe they just processed mine after yours.
  6. I order from them all the time and have had great success with them. They have such great sales that I don't mind waiting a week to get my order. I got the last Zafanya handbag on Wednesday and it's gorgeous. The leather is so soft and supple. If you haven't tried this brand-you should look into it.:yahoo:
  7. Oh, so YOU"RE the one that got MY Z bag! :yucky:

    Please do tell what you like so much about it, how do you feel about the little pouch for pens on the bottom? That's what really stopped me from ordering, I thought it looked odd, then I was ok, then I thought it was odd...and when I finally made up my mind...it was GONE! I've been looking at the brand for awhile but not seen too many testimonials, so if you would share, I'd appreciate it...thanks..
  8. Hi again,

    I did talk to someone and got a tracking number - so it should be here next week. Apparently, I did get one - maybe the last one?

    Can't wait to see it!!!

  9. Truthfully, you don't even notice that the bottom unzips-I hadn't noticed it when I ordered it. It is well made and I love the braided handles. The dust bag is so cool-very high quality kind of a soft flannel like feel in a deep brown. Sorry I got the last one-I'll keep my eyes peeled.:jammin:
  10. I have ordered from them in the past and never had any problems. They were a bit slow in processing a return, but when I called they explained that they were training someone new and it was still done in a fairly timely fashion.