Karizma Boutique VS Neiman Marcus!

  1. [​IMG]Kooba

    Carla Sueded Leather Hobo

    Was: $595.00NOW: $446.00NMOF7_V8144

    If you go to KarizmaBoutique and order this same handbag using the code: toutie 50% their price is only:

    Chocolate SuedeO/S$447.001 $447.00(before shipping/service fees & taxes) Subtotal: $447.00Promotional discount:$223.50 (after discount)Sub Total: $223.50
    Quite a savings!:wlae:
  2. Also, if anyone is interested Saks Off Fifth in Franklin Mills mall had a ton of Koobas, as well as Marc Jacobs, Cynthia Rowley, Isabella Fiore and others - the Koobas were at least 50% off and they had a bunch of styles (embossed Siennas and Scarletts, Siennas in all colors, Lucys in all colors, braided Bradens, and more).

    The Off Fifth in Wrentham, MA also had some Koobas at the same price, but not as many.
  3. Great thread!
  4. wow, what a deal!
  5. great deal , but who knows when it will expire?
  6. Can anyone get me a Lucy in Jade if they're on for a good price?
  7. Revolveclothing.com is selling that same bag at $313.00. And if you're a new member, you can take an additional 30% off and the bag will come out to $219.10. A few dollars cheaper!
  8. I just went on and used the Toutie 50% code and it still works.;)