karizma 50% off!

  1. 50% off til jan 2nd..

    anyone know if this kooba bag is worth $310?
  2. The Charlie is a cute bag. I think it is worth the money. I am a Kooba fan, but I think the leather is thick, durable and holds up well.
  3. Is the code good for the whole site??
  4. Thank You!!!
  5. ^^I couldn't agree more!:tup:

  6. Adorable bag...and thanks for the post!!:tup:
  7. I just went to the Karizma boutique and the owner, Shellie, was super nice and helpful. She says she also does charge sends. I got the Botkier rose for half off. =)
  8. The only problem with karizma was that they took over 2 months to refund my money on a bag I sent back within a day of receiving it. I even had to file a CC dispute because they were making up reasons to not refund me. Kind of a headache.
  9. ya their system is like that because another company handles the processing i believe. that would be a drawback.
  10. This bag is so worth it! I have it and paid around the same price range, very durable, the leather is TDF and very versatile. you can wear it so many ways!

  11. Is the code good for the whole site?
  12. seems like the code works on everything, I just tried it!