Karizma - 30% off

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    [​IMG]Corona Del Mar, CAApril 19, 2007
    [​IMG]Enjoy 30% Off now through April 22nd
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    Karizma is now
    offering the
    Mike and Chris hoodie!

    These are nearly impossible to find and are available for pre-order at the member discount. Those who pre-order will be guaranteed to get one!
    Also, the Moni Moni handbag line is now available at Karizma!

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    Discounts cannot be applied retroactively and cannot be combined.
    2908 East Coast Highway • Corona Del Mar, CA 92625 • (949) 219-0023[/FONT]
  2. Aawww! Thanks BabyK! I think I'm going to try to go for the Mike and Chris Hoody AND the Red MoniMoni. What does everyone know about MoniMoni? Which Red do you like better? Thanks.
  3. You've got good taste Emma! I wanted to get a red Moni Moni myself, but I've already bought the Splendor bag today. Both red bags are great, but I like the Socialite a bit more. Let me know if you get it!
  4. Thanks! I finally bought my Rebecca Minkoff bag... :graucho: was waiting for a good deal on the royal color... too bad revolve clothing doesn't have the colors I want cuz their prices are abit cheaper and no shipping cost...