Karizma - 30% off

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    [​IMG]Corona Del Mar, CAMarch 19, 2007
    [​IMG]Enjoy 30% Off now through March 24th
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    Banish Wardrobe
    Boredom with
    Lighthearted and Fun
    New Spring Styles from Twinkle, 12th St. by Cynthia Vincent, Hudson and more!

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    2908 East Coast Highway • Corona Del Mar, CA 92625 • (949) 219-0023[/FONT]
  2. Thanks for posting-I love this boutique and Shellie is geat to work with. I know that she hired a new web design company to update their ordering system so that they will enter the bags that they have in stock, and when they are gone-a sold out will appear online. She said that it will take about another month to get it up and going.:yes:
  3. Thanks for the link and for posting. They have 3 Kooba bags that would be about $335.00 with the 30% off...a great deal but none that interest me.
  4. Yes, they have a few cute ones on sale! You can use your 30% on top of it. It's the Kooba Kelsey. It also comes in a Khaki color. It was $595-now $476 w/o the 30%.
  5. The Kooba Kelsey is very tempting. Do you know if you can get 30% off in store?
  6. I know that Shellie has let people do it in the past-just tell her that you are from the Purse Forum-but remember that it ends March 24th-Saturday!:yes: You might even print out the first post above.
  7. I am thinking of ordering a CCSkye bag from this site... thanks so much for the coupon code!
    Any idea how quickly they ship out?
  8. I've always gotten mine within a week. The cheapest way they ship is ground and it's about $14. You could call Shellie and ask her how quickly they go out-tell her Jan sent you!:yes:
  9. Oops!:confused1:
  10. Did you get it-or call and speak with Shellie?:smile:
  11. Thanks for the post!
  12. You are such an enabler!;)

    I just ordered it online a few minutes ago. The shop is about 40 miles away from me and I figured that my time and gas to get there is more than the $14 shipping charge.

    I plan on using this bag for work and sometimes going out so I hope it "transitions" well.
  13. I feel so good that someone else was enabled-I was too! I bought a bag as well!:yes: I lived in northern Orange County which would be about the same distance 10 years ago-and just the traffic would have kept me from driving down there-good choice!
  14. I broke down and got a SKYE bag and it is TO DIE FOR!! Leather is so soft and the chains are bracelets, but they're nicer quality and clasps than the regular bracelets. I love it!!
  15. Thanks for posting!! You might wanna call store, check out if they have BOTKIER bianca bag in store as well. It was my dreaming bag, and they didn't have it on online, so I called up to make my order thru phone!!:yahoo: