Karine Dupont:: which bag?

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  1. im seriously considering these bags, (although i cant find the price of these, but what about the K- Line Kumba? or the Fakir? though i just found abou tabout this designer so any opinions or info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I like No: 2. Can't seem to find any brick-and-mortar stores in the US which sells them (although I think I did come across one, but the name escapes me at the moment).

    Edit: No: 3 is nice also - bleu (nothing to do with the World Cup :smile:)

    Three of her bags are available online at MoMA:


    What do you think of the K-Dam bag?

    Over a year ago, a shopping blog praised the Karine Dupont funky bag (3rd bag in your post) thus:
    "Why they’re flying off the shelves: Karine Dupont makes a great bag and this one is fun and versatile. artfulwears.com is the only online retailer that carries the bag."
  3. thanks for the info passerby! i should look further into this
  4. the k-dam is really cute! i love the satiny candy red color!
  5. it kind of looks cute, i cant really tell from the picture, and cant navigate through her site, but the idea is really cute, maybe if i reboot the site will work?
  6. now that ive considered it that bag is quite cute.. if i can see more this might contend with the mulberry joel...yikes!