Karen Millen Shoes - Gorgeous...but comfy?

  1. I just email the customer service maybe they can deliver in us.. (hopping)..
  2. Good luck! :smile:
  3. they reply:

    Thank you for your email.

    Please be advised that although we have recently launched an
    international delivery service, this is currently only available to our
    customers within Europe and so does not extend to the US at present.

    Please be advised however that I have passed along your comments to the
    relevant department for consideration as part of our ongoing development

    I hope that this is of some help to you, however please may I reiterate
    my apologies for any inconvenience that this may

    Kind Regards
  4. I wish I have friend or relative that lives in europe :sad:
  5. Lol alot of Europeans feel the same way, but the other way round, especially when the $ has been so low :smile:
  6. I hope somebody can help me buy does shoes..
  7. They have a Karen Millen store in the Beverly Center(well there was the last time I was there), maybe they could send them out to you?
  8. I just called all the karen millen US store and they are all sold out of the white lace print.. :cry:..
  9. Wow, those are fantastic.