Karen Leather Frame Bag-I MUST have it

  1. I want to buy a karen leather frame bag in black, does anyone know where I can get one in Canada or from a site that ships to Canada...
  2. I saw it at Marc Jacobs store in LA, they ship to Canada. Their number is 323-653-5100, ask for Stella. She's off today, but you can reach her via e-mail. PM me if you would like her contact info.

    BAL HARBOUR (line)
    KAREN (style name)
    C363011 (style number)
    15.5 x 11 x 6" (dimensions)
    $1500USD (price)
    Colors: Black, Eggshell, Moccasin
  3. Karen, did you get it?
  4. No, I'm waiting until I take my hudson back to Holt Renfrew (one of the grommets came off). I'm not going until the 30th, the waiting part is killing me, it all depends on if they refund me or not.

    And by the way, thank-you for all the info, you are very informative, how do you know EVERYTHING about MJ?!!
  5. That's cause she's a walking MJ encyclopedia :lol:
  6. ^ THANK GOD!!! If baglover was like one of those paid web ads that if you click on it you get a penny (VLAD not sure about this but you would know!?) She would be a kazillioanare!!! :P :P :heart: Emmy