Karen Kooper

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  1. Has anyone here bought an LV bag from Karen Kooper? Are her LV bags authentic?
  2. Definitely authentic!
  3. yes. very authentic!
  4. YES, bought from KK. Love her stuff, her prices are high though. All Authentic!
  5. 100% percent authentic- do a search for her and you'll find nothing but positive things written about her.
  6. very authentic! she has great service, and often carries many le/vip items!
  7. Authentic. Jacked up price$.
  8. Yes 100% authentic! She is a doll to deal with!
  9. I got a Joséphine GM Blue TST for my mom from her. Totally authentic and totally amazing service :yes: She got it for me for below retail :winkiss:
  10. Authentic but be prepared to pay a higher price than other resellers.
  11. ^Better condition than most re-sellers though.
  12. :yes:
  13. Yup. 100% authentic and one of the NICEST people I've dealt with online. :smile:
  14. Everything is pretty much brand new and the high prices are on limited pieces, the rest of her selection is most of the time below retail.
  15. I've read nothing but good things about her from tpf!