Karen Kooper Video on www.. MUST SEE!

  1. If this is a repeat sorry!!! I was just at www.karenkooper.com she has the newest runway video on the homepage and OMG :wtf: Some of the newest bags that are coming out are just stark raving STUNNING!! You have to see the video! Amazing!!!:nuts:
  2. thanks for posting this chag!
  3. Just watched it and some of those bags are really cute, others I am not a big fan of. Thanks for sharing, Chag!
    I keep hearing of her, but who is Karen Kooper?
    And what does LVOE stand for?
  4. There is a video on the LV site too, we have been debating the merits of this collection for a bit. Much debate & some wildly differing opinions!:lol:
  5. ooo taco! I bet!! My eyes were popping out at some but the there was a few I would gladly shell out bucks for.!!

    purplekitty I don't know what the LVOE stands for I always thought it was LOVE LOL!! Shows u how dumb I am. Karen Kooper is an outstanding reseller on eBay.
  6. taco.. what is coming on Nov. 1st??? (been out of touch for a while)
  7. Its actualy LOVE lol
  8. I was actually right?? lol! roflmao!
  9. LOVE, I liked some of the clothes, but the bags, not so much. :sad:
    Damier Azur Cabas Plage, comes out Nov. 1st....I am going nuts waiting.
  10. oooooooo got a piccy??
  11. Wow- Karen's site is so great- it's like bag porn! Now with videos! :lol:
  12. Totally!!!:nuts:
  13. Thanks coco_allure and chag. I learn something new everyday! :cutesy: