Karen Kooper dun lost her mind!

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  1. I can't believe that she's trying to sell a miroir pochette for $1,000! :wtf: Maybe I'm just being cheap but that seems like a huge premium.

    KarenKooper.com - Luxury Handbags and Trunks

    She has it in gold and silver.
  2. Yeah, I saw that too! :confused1: OT: I see that you're from Sacto....I'm in Roseville! Not too far.....where do you usually get your LV? We go to SF about every 5-6wks and I get a fix....but of course in between there's Let-Trade, eBay...and of course the PHONE!! :graucho:
  3. Yep... lost it:yes:
  4. YOu might be starting to see secondary SECONDARY market prices. Meaning she is not buying at retail anymore but rather from someone selling it at $600-800. KWIM?
  5. i think she always sell her item on a high price
  6. I go to San Francisco 3-4 times a year to browse but I usually order from LV Hawaii (like I did today :devil: ) for lower prices and no taxes. I also check out different boutiques when I travel.
  7. Yeah these are secondary market prices. Since they're virtually sold out (with some exceptions), you have no choice but to pay higher prices from a reseller.
  8. That is alot of money.
  9. she should wait until every single one is GONE from every single store... then people will have no choice..
  10. The Miroir line is the only overpriced line I see on her website.

    The rest of her inventory looks under retail, which is good given the fact that pretty much everything is brand new.

    Maybe the OP should write her an email to find out more information?

    I think we'd all like to know :yes:
  11. Hmm... IMHO: I'd set it at the same price if I was selling a bag that's almost sold out worldwide...
  12. Yeah, I think KK has her reasons for pricing it, so I agree with John :love:

    VG has a point though - maybe the OP or someone in tPF should write to her to find out what's the reason behind her pricing? :confused1:
  13. i agree with john, rebecca and poufiasse :heart:

    its business ^_^
  14. there's no tax if you get purchases shipped from Hawaii?? :nuts:
  15. how much lower are the prices in Hawaii and how can there be no taxes?? I live in CA too and we get taxed for EVERYTHING, especially if there is a store in this state!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.