Karen Kooper cerise speedy price...

  1. I want to buy a cerise speedy, i'm hesitant on buying one off ebay but karen kooper will be selling one for $2000, here is what she wrote me:

    Cerises Speedy 25 Brand new pristine condition, with the original clear LV plastic covering the handles. Price: $2000 USD . This will be available later on this evening on KarenKooper.com.

    she will also have a cerise cles but the price is yet to be determined...

    what do you think? is it worth it??
  2. The handles are still in placti cover...it's pretty much in mint condition.If you have $$ I think it is worth it...
  3. Gosh. IMO That's high. If you really want it then it IS worth it but I wouldn't pay that much for that particular bag!?!
  4. ^^ What she said. LOL :yes:
  5. ^^^
    I agree!
  6. It is a bit high... but if it's in a pristine condition and if you have the $$$, by all means go for it! :biggrin:
  7. For that price i'd get another bag, IMO
  8. It is double the retail of $995.00 but with the plastic on it and considering how rare it is to get one in such GREAT condition with plastic still on! (I was told LV has to remove the plastic as part of their inventory process) I would keep checkin ebay but know KK has one...
  9. I think it just depends on the person. I bought a band new Graffiti Speedy from Let-Trade for 2k. So, what may be too much for some is not for others.
  10. I think the price is too high.
  11. At least it is real, no way will she ruin her reputation with a fake. If you love it, get it & enjoy it.
  12. If you love it and are totally against eBay, I say go for it. But if you'd even consider buying one on eBay, I'd say just wait. Eventually a new one will come up at a much, much better price from a reputable seller, if there isn't one already(I haven't looked).
  13. Again, like other have said: if it's pristine & you want it, go for it.

    On eBay, I've seen people pay more for what I personally would not pay for. But other things I want, I have been tempted to pay the high price for it.

    Plastic on the handles - wow - I thought that was an in-store thing. Must be new. I bet the vachetta still says "Moooo", lol :lol:
  14. Michelle - you have to be the biggest bag queen too! You have such an awesome collection :nuts: I knew you would write the above quote :P What kind of Graffiti? White? Green?
  15. I agree with everyone, too high...but if you love it...it's all relative.

    Not true...you can request that they leave the plastic on. One's stored in the back, or 'attic' (as many stores have) still have the plastic....when they bring them out and place them on display or in the drawers they remove the plastic.