1. I will be watching. She's so Hot!
  2. I can't wait for this show, I think this girl is so beautiful. I am sure it will be a silly show as most reality shows are...but that is the reason that I love them.
  3. I'll be watching, mainly just to see what she's wearing...
  4. I can't stand her, but I have it set to Tivo because those reality shows just seem to suck me in. Also, I saw a clip of it on E! and it shows her little sister that looks to be still in elementary school climb on the stripper pole and do some pretty, eh, interesting moves... then Bruce Jenner comes and pulls her off. Kinda makes you wonder?
  5. ok so thoughts on the show...
    definately weried seeing her little sister getting down on that stripper pole, she was getting down and dirty grinding a little too seductively for a lttle one. eeks! strange very strange. and im sorry her sister still lokks like chyna the woman wrestler to me! kims hot though. loved the shirt she wore on tyra!
  6. ^^^ita..i love kims makeup too
  7. LOL. she does.

    Previews-I think her older sister is the one that is going to be pregnant.
  8. I like the show, but I was totally uncomfortable witht the little girl on the stripper pole.:wtf::wtf:
    They totally spun Kims Sex tape.
    Gees ... her tape was a private deal - then WHY did SHE sell it to Vivid or Wicked porn studio? Oh, thats right the 3 or 4 MILLION. :wtf::tdown::tdown:

    I love seeing some nice bag though..The mom had a black patent JImmy Choo Ramona bag and Kim's friend had a Jimmy Choo Tulita bag.
  9. Me too! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. That little girl couldn't have been more than 12 and she knew exactly what to do on the pole. When I was that age I had no idea what a stripper pole was! And why was a girl that young wearing high heels??

    Bruce seems like the only normal one in that family.
  10. Wow, this show sounds interesting - will definately have to check it out. Where does Bruce Jenner fit in on this show?
  11. The little girl had on 4 inch heels and was on the stripper pole! Not cute!
  12. The show was okay they family seems weird even KIM ...her make up is beautiful and outfits are cute, will continue watching... I like her
  13. Yeah watching the the little stripper in training was weird. I would have snatched my sister up so hard from that pole.

    Of course I'll continue to watch. :yes:
  14. It was interesting. They run their family in a way that I'm not used to seeing, that for sure!

    I must say that I love how the sisters (Kourtney, Khloe & Kim) are at eachother, yet support eachother. It reminds me of my sister, cousin and I.
  15. I only watched a clip of the show, but was also disturbed to see her little sister working the stripper pole... it was just wrong..