1. From what i understand, bruce ignored his children when he got with Kris. Karma at her finest

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  2. Ugh, like, nine minutes into the episode and Kim's ticking me off already.

    Kourtney already agreed to go to the Dominican Republic with the family. Kim doesn't need to micromanage things even further.

    (I just think Kim's mad because Kourtney's the one with certain specifications for the trip.)
  3. I'm watching the second part now and Kimmie came across better in part 1. She rambled some incoherent nonsense answer to O question about 'if her fame was to end in one year', Oprah looked confused as hell and then told her that her answer was perfect and she was perfect.

    The only believable answer this time was her admitting she works hard to stay 'pretty'
  4. The reality show really seems to feature Kris J as the star this year. How did that happen?
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    I agree and I hate it. A lot of people have been saying it on twitter too. I also notice she's getting more endorsements on her own too. She is truly the 4th sister.
  6. Now that I'm watching it, Bruce was jerky for introducing Scott as "my friend". And Kim's lips are out of control.
  7. I want a Kylie & Kendall show lol
  8. Omg really?! Kris being thrown in the pool in her black thong and full makeup? Planned. Broke my toe?! No wonder where Kim gets the drama fro
  9. Not just planned but terribly acted as well. I was laughing the entire time.
  10. I just enjoy Scott's animated faces he makes. Just watched the episode about the wigs again and he was hilarious.
  11. I agree he was. I feel like all that Scott Bruce drama was staged though. Scott's just an easy scapegoat for the show.
  12. What is with the Kris Jenner lusting after all these men storyline?? Every episode I've watched she's made comments about men...first it was the chef "flirting" with her, then she's meeting her old flame, then she's got a "crush" on Alec Baldwin? No wonder Kourtney gets so mad at her! I'd be really irritated if my mother acted like that. Poor Bruce :sad:
  13. i do not feel sorry for bruce i think he is an bad word . he cheated on his first wife with second wife . ignores his kids for the kardashian kids do you ever see his girl around nope . what ever kris does to him he had it coming
  14. i wish his girl would do a tell all on him
  15. Me too. Love the girls!

    Menopause or maybe she isn't getting any since they sleep apart? :p