1. TMZ.com:
    [​IMG]Move over Paris and Nicole and make way for Kim!

    The booty-full Kim Kardashian is set to star in a new reality TV show for E! that will replace "The Simple Life," reports Gatecrasher. The network was originally going to develop a show similar to "Life" starring rock celebuspawn Kim Stewart and Kelly Osborne, but canned it in favor of a family-oriented show about the Kardashian clan. The show would feature Kimmy's entire crew, including mom Kris, step-daddy Bruce Jenner and mimbo step-bro Brody Jenner.
  2. You know what, if that girl would do ONE talented thing - and no, "performing" well on film does not count - then I would give her some credit. But she is turning into one of those celebrities that people scratch their heads and go, "Now what is she famous for again?"

  3. she is annoying....what the eff does she do?

    and didn't she say she wanted to be a role model for her younger siblings so she was embarrassed about the sex tape....but now didn't pose in playboy recently? she's a big fake (as I imagine many hollywood people are)
  4. how could I forget, she also showed up to the fundraiser for the nicole brown simpson family, but her dad was one of OJ's attorney's......kinda weird
  5. Oh of course she is. Maybe it will be called "The Bootyfull Life".
  6. Who the hell is she? She's so.....generic.
  7. hahhahaha love her or hate her you know you wanna watch!!
  8. ^ lol. actually, the forum is the first place i've never heard of her!
  9. Ok, so...she's beautiful and all, but she hasnt done **** to be famous. The first time I ever heard of her was the infamous Ray-J sex tape :throwup:.
    Why is she getting her own show?? Whatever, Ill watch...Ill admit it. lol
  10. Admittedly, I'm sort of a reality show junkie. . . I guess I like watching train wrecks!? LOL!
  11. you know me so well pursegrrl lmao!!
  12. I do think she is gorgeous, but I am getting tired of all these shows. Has anyone seen Paula Abdul's trainwreck of a show? It only reinforced my thoughts that she is a drug addict!!
  13. I'm confused about the Jenner connection- I saw a MTV Cribs episode with Brody Jenner (and his brother I assume). Their mom was also there- did their parents get divorced? If so the mom lucked out with a HUGE house. I know it's not Kim's mom because the woman had long blonde hair.
  14. I was confused too, so I looked it up a while back.
    Kim's Dad and Jenners Mom got married.
  15. i don't know about this show. is there a trailer out yet?