Kardashian Make-up storage help

  1. DC-Cutie, wow, I would love to see how they turn out with all your makeup in them. The Clear Cube seems so big to me. I actually emailed them inquiring about a smaller unit and it turns out it would cost over $500 :sweatdrop:

    I know if I were to purchase the CC, I'd wanna fill it up....haha. Congrats and I hope you come back with pics in a month.
  2. DC, that is such a kind gesture~~ I cannot wait to see how you fill those baby up!! ;)

    Thank you!! Is it the first one on this page? The ACD-60?
  3. I will be sure to come back and share with you guys. I'm so excited :yahoo:. I was getting so frustrated calling Muji finding out the status & being told different expected delivery dates (once was told 2 weeks, another not until January).
  4. Yes, ACD-60 :smile:
  5. ^^ you do realize that's not the same as The Clear Cube....
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    That's actually very cute. I wonder how's the quality.
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    Wow loving the knobs on that organizer.
  8. Me too!!!
  9. There's actually a few sellers on eBay offering similar organizers for less or about the same price as The Clear Cube, however, the quality doesn't seem as good and there are no inserts.

    That particular one with the knobs I personally don't like at all.
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  11. Ok, jumping onto this bandwagon! You've all convinced me, I need one of these drawers in my life.

    What's the contact number for Muji?? I can't find it on the website! :sad:
  12. Hi all,

    I recently received my clearcube, and I figured I would offer some information and pictures. For anyone curious about production and ship time, I ordered mine on November 12th and received it on December 21st.

    First impression: this thing is heavy. I guess I didn't pay attention when I ordered it, but the clearcube is 24 lbs by itself. I sure paid attention on Tuesday when I received it; knowing that I would be at the office during possible delivery times, I had it sent to my office. Lugging that thing home was an unpleasant experience, so I advise against doing the same as I did unless you drive. I live in NY and I take public transportation, so yea, there was that. :yucky: 24 lbs start weight, add in my makeup and I am at 39.5 lbs, which doesn't even count the outstanding purchases (yes, I am a makeup nut). As far as the complaint list, that is the only one.

    This thing is amazing and holds a ton. I still have space for a fair amount of more makeup (maybe 20-30 more pieces, depending on what they are and how I rejigger some things).

    I purchased the 4 drawer clearcube with the lid, as I really needed that one double height drawer for the ever expanding UD Books of Shadows - WTH Urban, why are they getting bigger?! I depotted BOS I and II, but I can't bring myself to disfigure BOS Alice and BOS III yet. I purchased two grid inserts for two of the normal height drawers.

    I found it convenient to place my go-to makeup in the top tray that opens via the lid. In the drawer beneath that (no grid), I placed my quads/quints and blushes that were too big to stand up in the grids. I did the same with the lipsticks that were too long to line in the grid vertically. The vertical lining with the names facing outwards is a fab way to find the desired lippie faster. I'm thinking of getting shorter replacement tops for my MAC lippies so I could line them vertically like my NARS lippies in the grid; as it stands now, the MACs are lined horizontally in the grid, and I have to fuddle around in there to find my lippies.

    The next drawer has a grid insert, and it's the eye makeup drawer: false lashes, primers, some of my liners, under eye concealers, mascara, cream shadows, pigments, and some samples of stuff. The 3rd drawer, also with a grid insert, houses the blushes, lippies, glosses and lip treatments. The last drawer, double width, as I had mentioned, contains the BOS Alice and BOS III, MAC palettes, kabukis, NARS multiples, bronzers, setting spray, some unloved pressed powders, an eye brush set, lipliners (too long for the grid), and foundations (which are MIA from the photo).

    Prior to this, I had a few Muji containers and a few velvet damask print desktop organizers that I picked up to house the upright standing items (brushes, eyeliners, mascaras, lipglosses, lipliners). I also had other makeup housed in train cases in my closet. The upshot is that I had a ton of makeup housed across 8 containers and now I have them in one (not including the short vases for my brushes). I couldn't be more pleased with it and I cannot recommend it enough! :cloud9: If you're on the fence, I promise you won't be disappointed. When (and it is awful that it is a matter of when and not if) I run out of space in this clearcube, I will absolutely purchase a second one.

    I will note that due to my holy-crap-this-thing-weighs-40lbs paranoia, I have it on the floor now while I decide where to put it/whether to get a sturdier solid wood table. I can't remember if my current table is solid wood (nor can I tell, I need to have my daddio come and look at it, as he would know these things), and I just don't want to risk it. All I can keep imagining is coming home from the office to find my clearcube and makeup on the floor. And I don't have a dresser for it! Rather, I have customized wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling closets for my clothes and bags, which I love, but damn I wish I had a dresser.

    Onto the pictures. I apologize for the not fantastic shots. My bedroom isn't brightly lit, so I needed the flash, but that acrylic sure reflects flash.