Kardashian Make-up storage help

  1. ^^ :love:
  2. Oh wow - it looks so good alpine1972. I think I would need about 10 of each to hold all of my crap.

    Where did you get that insert that's holding your Chanel polishes?
  3. Thanks! :flowers:
  4. thank you:graucho:
  5. Maybe I missed it... where can we order the Muji makeup storage??
  6. Alpine1972 Where did you get the stand for your MAC eyeshadows?
  7. Yes, I will love to know, too!!!
  8. muji.com
  9. Alpine1972...Your makeup storage looks amazing:smile:
  10. I got it at trandesigns.com
    It's actually a nail polish rack but I really like how it turned out with the Mac shadows. You get to see them all at once.....a real time saver for me.

    Here's the link:
  11. Well, my BF bit the bullet and order 2 of the Clear Cubes for me!!!! I guess he was tired of me calling Muji inquiring about the storage units and getting disappointed that they aren't in stock...

    I have to wait about a month for them, but it's all good....
  12. Wow!!! You are one lucky girl. He ordered TWO? :nuts: Can't wait to see them once all your makeup in them.
  13. Agreed!!
  14. I'm sooooo jealous:smile: Can't wait to see pics!!