Kardashian Make-up storage help

  1. Does anyone know where I can get a storage system like the one all the Kardashian women have. I have seen very small versions but not this big.

  2. they have the clear cube the site is theclearcube.com
  3. Another alternative is Muji clear acrylic storage but they are all out of stock now.
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  5. OMG! Regardless of it being out of stock,Thank you:nuts:
  6. Containerstore.com
  7. U r so welcome. That's what's great about TPF right? :biggrin:
  8. Yep!:ghi5:
  9. I would LOVE to get my hands on The Clear Cube! need to start saving... NOW!
  10. What is it about the Clear Cube that makes it so expensive?
  11. Those clear cubes are awsome but very pricey. I bought something similar at target for $10 although Im sure the quality is no where close and it doensnt look nearly as nice. Would love to have one of those though but for the money I'd rather apply it towards a another bag.
  12. 4. Why is it so expensive? It's just plastic!

    There are some misconception about Acrylics, they are thought to be in-expensive where as they are quite the opposite. We've put together a cost breakdown to give you an idea of just how much a piece of acrylic really is. Each clear cube uses up about 17- 20 sq. ft. of material. 3/8" thick material is used for the walls and 3/16" for the rest.
    - 3/8" sheet of Acrylic costs approx $6.50 dollars a sq. ft. See the sheet costs/specs here.
    - 3/16" sheet of Acrylic costs approx $16.00 dollars a sq. ft. See the sheet costs/specs here.

    One Clear Cube = Approx 20 sq. ft. (4sq.ft. @ 3/8" Thick & 16 sq.ft. @ 3/16" Thick)
    4 sq. ft x $16.00 = $64
    16 sq. ft. x $6.50 = $104
    ($64 + $104) = $168 US Dollars of material per Cube.

    As you can see, the Acrylic material alone (not including the hinges, handles, adhesive, shipping & labor) makes up almost two thirds of the cost.
  13. ^^ Thanks!
  14. I think I read that the Kardashians' storage is custom made and cost a few hundred bucks.
  15. I like the idea of the clear cube in terms of organization, but I don't like the idea of having that much makeup visible on my vanity. It looks cluttered.

    I prefer to use compartmentalized hanging bags (clear compartments). I used to get them at Bendel's. I just roll them up & place them in drawers.