Karate anyone?

  1. I started karate about 7 months ago. I got promoted today to green belt (yea!!!) :yahoo: . I started for the exercise and self-defense training but I have found that I really love it. In the past, I've had trouble sticking to any exercise program because I tend to get bored (and I hate exercise) - but not with karate because I'm always learning something new and cool! Plus, there's the added plus that I have more confidence (wish I'd started the classes as a kid). Anyone else out there into karate or other martial arts?
  2. I used to take karate in highscool and got up to a green belt. I loved it but got busy w/ school activities. I'm 40 now and would love to take it again. Maybe when my time frees up more. My kids have been taking it since they are 4 (they are almost 9) and are brown belts. They totally rock!
  3. Shushopn: If you liked it, why not start again? You would have ready-made practice partners with your kids! I'm 44 and I've found that my strength and flexibility have both improved.
  4. I took it for a couple of years at high school but I had to give it up because it took up way too much time and I had to study for my GCSE'S (big high school exams). I really enjoyed it and I've never been so fit in my life! I passed two different belts and was about to take my third when I gave it up. I went with three friends and we had such a laugh, we were only 13 when we started but they put us in with the adults so we were fighting all these huge guys that were black belts! so much fun.

    I would start it again now that I've left school, but my job is so physical its like I go to the gym every day as it is, I think doing Karate for three hours on top of that would be a bit much and I'd start looking like Nicole Richie.
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