Karakoram NF reveal

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  1. Hi everyone

    I’ve just treated myself to a new work bag. I needed something to put my surfacepro and other bits in. Reserved this ages ago and so pleased with it. I love the fact the design is on both sides. The pouch is plain which is a bit of a shame but I still love it.

    IMG_3352.jpg IMG_3351.jpg IMG_3350.jpg IMG_3353.jpg
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  2. That red is so delicious. Congrats again MarraC. :heart:
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  3. Beautiful - I love damier!
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  4. Super nice.. Congrats and enjoy your new bag.
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  5. The word "delicious" is SO proper for this! :yes:Yummy!
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  6. Great pick!
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  8. Oh my. What a gorgeous bag! I love the red! :smile:
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  9. Wow, that's beautiful! Congrats and enjoy :smile:
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  10. beautiful NF - congrats!
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  11. Congrats! This is so pretty! Are the handles and trim Black? Are they as stiff as the normal DE NF?
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  12. Thanks. They’re a very deep brown and quite soft. Very comfortable on the shoulder. Used it today full of my usual crap and loved it.
  13. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. And yes I’ve enjoyed using it today to attend a conference in London. It’s certainly stood up well to me loading it full of my worldly possessions plus kitchen sink.
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  14. Thanks. That's awesome. I was eying it before but now this def moved up the list.
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  15. Oh I like!
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