Kara Janx Sample Sale NYC

  1. I know it's not purses -- but she's got the greatest dresses. I went to the sale this morning and got two adorable dresses for great prices.

    Label: Kara Janx
    Deal: Up to 70% off women's tops, bottoms, dresses and swimwear from the former Project Runway contestant
    When/Where: Wednesday June 27th, Thursday June 28th. Daily 11am—7pm. 130 W 37th St between Broadway and Seventh Ave, third floor (212-971-7302).


  2. Love her stuff! How much were the dresses?
  3. I paid $115 for the convertible wrap dress and $55 for the silk kimono (what a steal!). I think the wrap goes for $235 full price and the kimono goes for $375.
  4. Those are both gorgeous! :wtf:
  5. Gorgeous and great prices!!! congrats!
  6. ooooh I've been wanting one of her kimono dresses!! Was there a lot of stock?
  7. They had a pretty good selection when I was there but in general it's a very small operation.

    Kara was even there! (on a different floor but I accidentally walked in to the wrong place)
  8. Dammit. I wish I had a matter transporter that would take me to NY.
  9. Just got back from the sample sale!! I ended up buying 2 silk kimono dresses.

    It's on the third floor of a workshop...the sample sale is located in the front corner of the room. There are 5 racks of clothes, mostly dresses, some jackets, and bikinis...

    The best deal by far are the silk kimono dresses at $55...they are signature Kara Janx They run a bit small, but they stretch a bit. I was debating whether to get a medium or a small, but decided on small. Everything else is about $150, more or less...

    But the best part of all was I got to meet Kara! She was tending to the sale with her cousin. She was really very nice, and showed me how to tie on the kimono dress. I even got a picture with her! :yahoo:

  10. I brought my kimono home last night and am still trying to figure out how to tie it. Hahaha. I love my convertible cotton wrap, though. I'm wearing it today!
  11. cash only or do they take CC/debit card?
  12. They take cc/debit. They actually had very little cash on site when I was there.
  13. They take CC/debit card. That's how I paid for my dresses

    And oh, Lisabrelle, thanks for the heads up on the sale! You rock! :flowers:
  14. Hahah thanks -- we NYC girls have to stick together with all these crazy sales options. Maybe one day we can get together for a drink or a coffee.