KARA bags (Designer name)


Jul 29, 2012
Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with KARA bags. I am thinking of buying one (mostly because Kara is my first name, ha) - and I've seen them on display at Saks and they look like a high quality, but I am wondering how they wear. I also think the aesthetic may be a bit too minimalist for my taste.

They are having a sample sale right now for anyone interested: https://karastore.com/


Feb 7, 2016
I have two Kara bags. I have a small red tie or knot bag & I have a black fringed rice bag. The rice bag is a mini bucket bag made from the lightest weight leather, I have used it tons. The red bag is stiffer, I'm guessing to help hold its shape. The rice bag is really holding up well, it's my go to for when I need something lightweight but functional & because of the weight of the leather I can pack it flat in a suitcase. I have had the red bag about 6 months and so far it still looks new. I have carried it maybe a total 25 times. Hope this helps. Oh and my style is anything but minimalist, the bags kinda blend in.


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Apr 12, 2008
I only checked it out at the store long time ago. I like the look of it, but didn't get it coz I'm a paranoid freak and a backpack like that makes me nervous. But I like their design a lot.
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Apr 18, 2015
I have the regular and mini backpack! I prefer the mini and I'm planning on selling the larger one soon. They regular is roomy, but it's uncomfortable to wear when full and also hangs weird on your back when heavy, so the mini is much better. The zippers are also annoyingly difficult to open, which I guess makes them safer, but it really is a chore to get in and out of.

They do wear well though, very durable leather and hw. I'd say go for it.