Kanye: MTV exploited Britney for ratings

  1. NEW YORK - Kanye West blames MTV for Britney Spears' ess than stellar performance at the Video Music Awards.
    "Man, they were just trying to get ratings, and they knew she wasn't ready and they exploited her," the 29-year-old rapper said Tuesday on Sirius Satellite Radio's "The Morning Mash Up."
    The network made a "bad move" by having the troubled pop star open Sunday's event in Las Vegas, said West, who feels he should have kicked off the show with "Stronger," the first single from his new album, "Graduation."
    "They exploited her, they played me and I really don't mess with MTV," he said.
    Spears, 25, looked unprepared while performing her new song, "Gimme More," to a bewildered audience of her music industry peers. She seemed nervous and, at times, stopped singing altogether.
    West said he wanted to perform "Stronger" on the show's main stage — where R&B hotshot Chris Brown wowed the crowd with Michael Jackson-esque dance moves — but complied when he was asked to host a suite party.
    West said it was a blow to the ego when Justin Timberlake, who also hosted a suite party, ended up "on the big stage" to give the closing performance with Timbaland and Nelly Furtado.
    "Those are the big things, and you know what I do man, I really made the song `Stronger,' you know, for stadiums," he said.
    MTV spokesman David French didn't immediately return a phone call from The Associated Press seeking comment.
    West — who threw a tantrum backstage after losing all five categories for which he was nominated — said he has bonded with 50 Cent over what they view as disrespectful behavior from MTV.
    "So why do you have me do `Stronger' in a suite, but you end the show with Justin?" he said. "I looked at 50 like, yo, we need to help each other as much as possible."
    50 Cent has said he'd stop making solo records if West's new album outsells his "Curtis" CD in their first week out. Both albums were released Tuesday.

    :true:They used that poor girl :sad:. And they got exactly what they wanted and she got humiliated....
  2. Ok.... now I DON'T agree that HE should have opened the show. This guy is UNBELIEVABLY self absorbed. And he wonders why no one wants to honor him........:noggin:

  3. I agree the exploited part. But again, it's show business. It's all about the ratings.
  4. IKWYM, but why does business have to be all about humiliating some one... I wish that our culture would stop this behavior and not support companies who do...

    This is NOT the MTV I grew up on :tdown:.
  5. Alright... so Britney was ill prepared for the show... but it's not like someone didn't tell her it was coming up. She could've made it work. She could've actually rehearsed. Kanye's ego needs to get checked IMO.
  6. I TOTALLY AGREE !!! UGH he soooooo annyoys me, Stronger only includes a snippet of his voice so britney did alot better than him, actually singing a couple of words LOL.

    I think Kanye just wants some more lime light. The glasses are for attention and he looks AWFUL !, some advice for kanye, fire the stylish and STOP using samples from other peoples music.
  7. I agree!! She has amazing legs and that is what she should be showing off. Her body looks great for having two kids but you can't expect hollywood-type people to not criticize you in an outfit like that.
  8. i agree that they exploited her - i doubt that they ever even WANTED her to do well. her doing badly makes so many more headlines.

    i don't agree that kanye should have opened, but they totally threw Britney under the bus and they knew exactly what they were doing when they booked her.
  9. but Britney is an adult, no one carried her on stage and forced her. . .
    she made her, her record label and MTV all look bad. Surely some of these people actually believed that this could've been career changing for her, and that she'd knock 'em dead somehow.

    If I never hear Kanye speak again, I'll be happy.
  10. I love Kanye's music but sometimes he needs to not open his mouth! :p
  11. I have yet to see the awards show. So I haven't seen her performance yet but I heard that Brit was out all night the night before partying it up with Diddy. So who knows she may have been tired and hung over the next day.
  12. MTV could have thought she would do bad, even wanted her to do bad, but they didn't MAKE her do bad. She did that all by herself. I too saw the pics of her partying it up in the nights leading to the performance, she should have been rehearsing.
  13. At this point, all I really feel is pity for her...
    I'm kinda sad for Britney.
    Even more for her kids.
  14. Me too. I was pulling for her on Sunday.