Kansas Tornado Damage

  1. ]http://www.kansas.com/static/slides/050507tornadoaerials/

    I thought you might find these pictures intersting, esp. since some of you live in areas where the closest thing to a tornado is the movie 'Twister'.

    As some of you likely noticed from cnn and today's show coverage, etc., a small Kansas town (population <2000) was 95% wiped out due to a tornado that passed through last Friday.
    Ten are dead and many, many injured. The residents had a 20 minute warning from our news service which is said to have saved hundreds of lives.
    The one that did all the damage is rated either an F4 or F5 (F5 highest rating) and was over 1.5 miles wide.

    Small-town USA are a resiliant group, but please keep the families in your prayers. As well, cities all over ks, including my own is struggling w/major flooding.
  2. This is shocking, my heart & prayers goes out to all these families & yours mshel! The world is just so full of tragedy at the minute, so sad!
  3. As horribly tragic as it was that so many people died, it's, IMO, a miracle that more people didn't die...the devestation is so total.
  4. My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. I watched the coverage on CNN and couldn't believe my eyes and ears. So sad for the entire country really. It's just one thing after another it seems weatherwise.

    People can and should also contribute to the Red Cross if they would like to help the people affected by this event:heart:.
  5. Thanks ladies. Roz, my family is just fine, thank you for your thoughts. Though, I have numerous friends and aquaintances...more than I can count...that had to be rescued by boat in the middle of the night, are gutting their houses as we speak and are living with strangers and in shelters because the waters ruined everything. And, that's Heaven, compared to what Greensburg is going through.
    Yes!!!...Red Cross...an easy and truly excellent way to make a difference.
  6. My God !!! Those pictures are unbelievable ! I pray for all the survivors.
  7. Sorry to read about the devastastion. Mshel, hope you and your family & friends stay safe.
  8. OMG! Reminds me of Katrina! So close to home!!!
  9. I had never even heard of the town that was wiped out before...but if you can find a funny in this whole thing...there were only two buildings left standing...a grain elevator (that might need to be the future of housing in the midwest:nuts:) and a BAR!! One bar...pretty much untouched!

    And for the record...again trying to find humor in case anyone thinks I"m being crass...
    I promise...not everyone in KS is toothless and dirty!:nuts: :rolleyes: My dh and I have talked about this for years...any tragedy that the media covers in ks, I swear they'll find the only person sans teeth and a comb and it'll be on CNN! :wtf: :roflmfao: