Kangaroo Pouch for Bags, Non Coach Bday

  1. I already posted my black mini and solid coach perfume, but I also got new glasses and a cute Kangaroo pouch to organize a small bag. So many women were going crazy for them. I wish they sold bigger ones, but this one is perfect for my smaller bags.
  2. Cute! I might have to check out the pouches. Have a great rest of your birthday!!!!
  3. what is this?
  4. kind of like an organizer
  5. This is a small one, but you just pick up the handles and move from bag to bag, I put my mini in it, cell etc etc.
  6. That's pretty cool! Makes it easy to switch out bags. Happy Birthday!!
  7. ohh how cute is that thing! :smile: i want one! where can i get them ;) thanks and again happy bday! :smile:
  8. What a great idea!!
  9. www.pouchee.com I think other companies have bigger ones, but this one is so darn cute. Lots of cute colors too.
    If anyone finds a bigger one let me know...:yes:
  10. hey they are cute i cant tell how small they are , is there any way you can take a pic of it in a certain bag :smile: hehe thankks sosososo much!!

    i wanted pink :sad: it says pink is sold out boo along with almost every color they have except crazy orange :sad: bla!
  11. Hi, I put it in my Legacy Zip Top, and a cute red Fossil bag I have, which is 7x9. The owners that were at the show said they are making more for the website, they had all colors at the show....they were trying to sell a mustard[​IMG] yellow color (put it on sale) no one wanted it..lol
  12. That is such a cute idea!! I always end up losing something or leaving something behind when I switch between bags - that is so organized!!

    Super cute too!! Great find!! :yes: