Kangaroo Hats

  1. Last year my ex-SA told me about the Kangaroo hats produced by Hermes. I was told that they couldn't import it into California due to certain restrictions with Fish and Wildlife. Has anyone here seen those Kangaroo hats? Better yet, does anyone have pictures? TIA.:flowers:
  2. Kou, kangaroos don't wear hats.

  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Kou, I wonder if this is what you are talking about. This is an Hermes hat and the leather strip that goes around is made out of kangaroo leather.

  4. Oops, just noticed that the link doesn't work. I have pasted the auction below:

    ★新品・本物・未使用★   エルメス・レディース帽子KAOLA  (素材・表POLYESTER85%NYLON15%・裏ACETATE100%・レザー部分・カンガルー革) (カラー・SAUMON CLAIR MARRON) (サイズ・頭回り58cm/つば幅6cm) (箱・保存袋、付属品はございません) (051001N・1203)     ソルド品ではありません。  海外直営店より仕入れ。  店舗販売しておりますので売り違いの場合はご了承願います。  他、新作多数ございますのでご覧下さいませ。    ★必ずご入札前に自己紹介欄・公開プロフィールのご案内事項をご確認下さい。
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. I got this hat at the past RTW sale --- I had wanted a basic summer hat and this sort of matches my toile/ebene Bolide. The tag that was attached to it said that it was 'kangaroo'. I had taken off the tag and only read it after I had had the hat for a little while. Needless to say, I was a little surprised to find out the origin of the leather, but I decided to make my peace with it:smile: . The leather tag (it was like a small packet) was quite detailed regarding the kangaroo leather .....but I don't think that I kept it.
  7. Ok, 4 hours later ... I finally realized why it was funny. See? I'm slow.
  8. Tokyogirl and Sarah-girl (hey both of your names end in "girl"), those are definitely the hats! We don't have them here in California though. I'm not sure if I want to get one since I love kangaroos (they are so cute), but it's good to finally see pictures of the product.
  9. ^ ahh, Kou, don't feel bad - they're a pest over here......feel free to wear them, and they're certainly not endangered in any way.
  10. They're a pest? So is it true that you do see them crossing the road? I visited Australia once but most of my time was spent in Sydney (a few days in Canberra) so I didn't get much of a chance to go out to the wilderness to see the kangaroos in action. I saw them in the zoo and they seemed to like my Northwestern jacket very much.
  11. God yes, they're a pain in the backside. If you drive around the outback of Australia there are SWARMS of them (don't think that is the technical term, perhaps herds of them??). They often get hit by cars (4wd) and the cars come off second best - they are such solid creatures. Wallabies are cute, though - they are the little ones.....you can't wear them, they're protected.
  12. That hat is So Cute, but I'm glad the Wallabies are protected, b/c I couldn't wear them on my head.
  13. They wiggle too much, anyway.
  14. can the swarms of kangooroo's really box?:biguns: do they fight eachother?:lecture:
  15. You're so funny!!! I am having the weirdest imagery right now.