Kangaroo Bag for DH has a hole... now wat to get?

  1. For my wedding anniversary, I finally decided to dig deep into my bank account and buy the kangaro s/s07 bag in MM for my husband (and myself lol, its so unisex). I saw Mr Duck's pics and thought it was the best bag this S/S 07 (well until I saw nimbus lately). Got my friend to get it for me from Paris with great savings, only 1500 euro with 10% VAT rebate.

    So it was a romantic dinner with a great sea view and nice lobsters, and the "surprise" gift exchange. Heart beating really fast to see how he will react to the kanga! I got a <gasp> diamond solitaire from him and I handed him the bag. He was initially v surprised and kinda happy, I think ("Huh, LV for me??") Then he spotted a hole in the bag.... even under those dim lighting. I held the bag like 10x but I saw nothing! Its not big but with time, I bet it will get bigger.

    He went to our shop and they were kind enough to take it back even though it was bought from paris, but they do not have another copy in any color. And they will not allow store credit or money refund since its not from states. They will only allow an exchange for any other bag in the shop within one month from date of purchase. So my DH came back and told me to go make myself happy and get a bag for myself. Sob. Can't really feel the joy.

    So now I got a broken kangaroo in my hands, with a 3 weeks deadline to get stuffs that will add up to 2K. Want to get another men's bag for DH but can't figure out what other bag is nice (formal enough for work but casual enough to bring out). Or maybe I can get something for myself (medium size, pref leather, and shoulder carry).

    Any suggestions? Sorry for the long boring post.

    Some pics. I tot kanga skin is unbreakable! The SA told my DH its quite delicate contrary to some kanga article someone posted, :sad:

  2. Oh no, so sorry for you!
  3. oh no!! But it's such a pretty bag! I can't think of any other bag right now:sad:
  4. Sorry to hear about this. What about the damier Azur naviglio ?? or something Damier geant ??. :flowers:
  5. can they send it back to repair it?

    And it should be free as it was purchased like that.

    Otherwise, what about the white bag thats on the home page of the LV website.. it looks like the Bequia leather range in white!

    i love that bag
  6. ugh they should offer you a full refund. You got a LV bag, who cares if it's from Paris or Mars. You paid a grip and they should stand by their products..
  7. This make's me Question getting a Sacochee:s
  8. How about the Utah range? Or maybe the Tobago?
  9. Yikes! Sorry to hear about that...

    I suggest getting an Epi or something from the Utah line like Couturecreature stated.
  10. hmmm... ya...so much for kangaroo leather.........but it's still one of my fav bags. I think you should just exchange it for another one cuz it's a realllllly nice bag
  11. The Utah range is lovely- but can they get another soana transferred from another store?
  12. I want to see the soliatare you got! Is there anything else he might want and you could use the 2k credit? :smile:
  13. so sorry to hear about this. it seems like everybody else but me have had problems with the kanga bags :s i still maintain that the leather is tougher than calfskin though. the hole on your bag is actually a tear along the stitching. they must've punctured the leather too much to make it unstable. anyways, i hope you do find a great replacement bag.... a Mono Olympe perhaps?
  14. The leather IS stronger than cowhide leather, but maybe it didn't take tat type of stitching very well. Kangaroo leather is used a lot in motorcycle clothing and it's lighter and more sturdy than cowhide.

    Too bad yours was a misproduction.
  15. My DH loves the damier geant line. I'm not sure how formal of a bag you are wanting for your hubby. Mine carries a really oversized laptop so it's hard to find compatible bags. Sorry about the hole!