Kan I Go Krazy?! Reveals

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  1. When I saw the Kan I style, I went krazy! I now have these 2 in my possession, and am expecting a couple more to be delivered. Oh. My. Wallet!

    Here is the first amazing bag:

    Here is the 2nd. I ordered this matching short leather strap and am expecting a long velvet one in the mail to match the velvet F’s and replace the blue strap:

    The next bag I want is no longer available anywhere, so I ordered the smaller size. There was only 1 left anywhere! Thank you Farfetch for getting me these amazing bags!!!
    Here is what should be arriving today:
    34C862DD-5361-4721-8F6F-037D6F493910.png But I really wanted this bigger one with no chain & 2 big leather straps. I had paid for it and there were supposed to be several available, but Neiman’s cancelled my order several days later. So I ordered the smaller one from Farfetch.

    And lastly, I have also ordered this green with coral accents. I’m not yet sure if it’s available. The first store I tried, Barney’s, cancelled my order after waiting several days too!!
  2. Guys, it literally just came in the mail from Poland!! My other Fendi was shipped straight from Italy. Farfetch has the fastest shipping – it only takes about three days!

    I took off the big heavy chain and added the blue snakeskin Fendi shoulder strap. I forgot I had purchased this short Fendi grommet strap as well. Not sure if I will use them together or separately but now I have two different options that go well with the bag! I actually bought ***three*** of the grommet straps because they were priced well and I thought maybe I could dye or paint the white side of a couple of them fun colors like hot pink with green edges for fun??? I can always return them if I decide not to take on this project.

    This colorful bag has a patent leather flap that is more obviously shiny patent when you see it in person. I think the small size suits this print and material. When I get dressed, I’ll have to post a mod shot. F24212E6-C83D-442E-AB55-50A9A66F1485.jpeg F6494860-CB00-466A-9665-C7786D961DDE.jpeg
  3. I love all your Kan I bags!!!
  4. So cute
  5. Thank you, dears!
    Here are a couple more strap options.
    Is the Multicolor stud one too much? It doesn’t exactly match. EC726850-236C-4B29-875C-5F4F7D4CCD78.jpeg CA1939FD-8061-4D6B-BC37-173D2FFB2C85.jpeg

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  6. The multicolor stud is a little busy. I'd go with the above option.

    Sure you can rock either one whichever one you choose!
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    I wonder if I should return that strap? It still has the tags attached. It doesn’t seem to go with much, despite all the colors. It is so unique that I hate to part with it unless I am certain.

    One more strap will be arriving next week. It can go with almost any bag! Here is another pic with only the blue snakeskin.
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  8. I'd say return if you're second guessing.
  9. The multicolour one with the Fendi logo in cone-studs is so cute! It also matches your light blue and Zucca logo Kan I.
  10. Oh thank you! I think I can (I Kan haha) also attach it to a chain to make a long strap. I’m sure it will coordinate with something some day. I’ll take a pic with the zucca Kan I soon. Thanks Joe!
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  11. I love the multicolor stud strap with the purse! I think it would look super cool with an all black outfit!

  12. I love your Fendi collection. I just purchased the Fendi Peekaboo x-lite mini (see my avatar) and I love this bag the leather is amazing. I am absolutely crazy about Fendi right now I just purchased the Fendi Kan I F bag in tan with the logo from Far Fetched. Just like your second picture but in Tan. I hope to have it soon, I hope I love it.
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  13. Thank you so much, Panders77! I have been using Farfetch for years. I hope you have a great experience. Wow, I’d love to see and touch your Peekaboo in person! Please post photos!!

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  14. Kan I tell you how much I LOVE this bag?? I took off the metal chain strap and added this velvet one. I also have a multicolor F strap but I am in the process of exchanging it because it went in sale 30% off. The leather is SO soft!! And I love the pop of orange.
    I am going to try to find some gold rings to make that tiny strap longer too.

    D2D1F4FE-BFA8-4667-A8A8-640E9961892F.jpeg AA122A3A-7408-41C0-ACBA-D5A6E79D6BDD.jpeg 96CDDB03-D924-4ABA-A1D8-2941A84D40EA.jpeg 94EDBF41-FB6E-48CF-B86E-401F14D3A167.jpeg
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