Kan I Bag - your thoughts?

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  1. I bought the small Kan I recently (the one with the chain strap). It's a double chain - each link is connected to 2 other links - because of this, I notice the chain tends to kink whenever it's bent because the links don't always automatically line up perfectly with the 2 other ones. It just looks a bit messy until I straighten up the links with my hands. Does anyone else find this is the case with their Kan I chains? I know this is quite common for chunky chain straps in general (I've heard comments about it with the Chanel Boy or Diorama, for example).
  2. I removed my chain and replaced it with a Fendi leather strap.

  3. I love the look of the chain, I just don't like how easily it kinks and twists. I actually removed the chain from the bag once and when I held it up by one end and just let it hang naturally, it was already twisting. A well made chain should just hang straight down. I have a Givenchy WOC that has a similar issue with a twisty chain. Such a shame because quality-wise, all the other elements and hardware on my Kan I are fantastic.
  4. It twists because of the type of link they used - they form a spiral. I’m not a huge fan of chains because, even though they are cute, they are loud and clunky. That being said, I have quite a few chain bags, lol.

  5. Congratulations on your purchase ...how do you like the bag on using it? I’m looking at the KAN I f and getting tempted.
  6. F66B9B73-ACD4-479A-B0C8-6F90C5B92B55.jpeg I think Fendi is working hard on creating new bags styles and Kan I is a rather successful effort. I am very happy with mine even despite chain twisting. But, frankly speaking, I am starting to think about Dolce bags which are pretty cool now And for the price of Kan I I could buy a hot DG.
    Your thoughts?
  7. D633F77B-D9D2-4FB3-ABF0-128C8EDE6081.jpeg These Fendi straps are so versatile - I have had this one for a few years and it goes with so many bags!

    I wanted to use my Kan I without the chain and switched the shoulder leather to a handle.
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  8. Beautiful! May I ask how much you paid for this bag?
  9. Nordstrom sale last month - I think I paid around $1100 ?
  10. This is the exact Kan I that I have - we're bag twins! Did you attach the original leather strap directly onto the two metal rings on the top of the bag?
  11. (Removed duplicate post) - My internet connection is crazy at the moment.
  12. Yes - it’s a little tight but I think it works