Kan I Bag - your thoughts?

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  1. IMG_4160.jpg


    Totally love the bag...chic and understated...I am very happy with it!
  2. Could you do a what could fit inside this bag?
    Do you think these items would fit?

    2 x iPhone Plus
    1 x card holder
    1 x zippy coin purse
    1 x mini pochette
    1 x tissue packet
  3. Hello Everyone! I got the Kan I Small recently and I love it! Pictures attached here (with a quarter leaning against the side as a size reference)


    Biggest CON: the chain is HEAVY and often gets kind of kinked and needs to be smoothed out to make all of the chain links go straight again. Also, as a user commented earlier in the thread, it is a little tight to go cross-body if you're wearing a large coat. It's not impossible, but it does hug a little tighter than other cross-body purses I own.

    Biggest PRO: the depth. It has a double gusset construction, which allows a lot more stuff to go in. This is a great differentiator from the new baguettes, which have half as much depth.


    I have posted a pic of the contents of my Kan I small: a ray-ban sunglass case, iPhone x in an LV leather case, LV card case, tissue pack, car keys, lip gloss. More could go in on top of or below the sunglass case, if need be. The larger version of the Kan I would definitely fit more..

    I know I posted this sizing info in the baguette thread, but I will repost here for anyone considering the Kan I sizes in relation to the new baguettes. Again, note that the Kan I is at least twice as deep as the baguettes.

    Kan I Small
    (19cm x 13.3cm x 9cm)
    7.4in x 5.2in x 3.5in

    Kan I Large
    (25cm x 18.5cm x 11cm)
    9.8in x 7.3in x 4.3in

    Baguette Mini
    (19cm x 11.5cm x 4cm)
    7.5in x 4.5in x 1.6in

    Baguette Medium
    (26cm x 14cm x 4cm)
    10.3 in x 5.5in 1.6in

    Baguette Large
    (33cm x 18cm x 5.5cm)
    13in x 7in x 2.2in
  4. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! I just ordered, count ‘em - THREE different Kan I bags!!! I found one on Farfetch, one pre-loved but new, and one from a major department store and it was the last one in the country! Of course, I had to get a few extra straps for fun. I can’t wait to do my reveals!!

    I saw a Youtuber do a reveal the other day and I knew I had to have this style and the color she had. I ordered from Saks but then found it much cheaper on Farfetch, so I’ll have to return the one from Saks when it arrives. Then I happened upon 2 more great deals in different colors. I don’t think I’ve ever been so gaga for a bag, and I never even knew about this style before this. I went from 0 to Fendi monster in 3 days! I had ordered a Fendi many years ago but returned it immediately, as it was not to the description on the website. So technically this is my first time as a Fendi owner. I have a bajillion Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc. I’m loving your photos, fellow bag fiends. (yes I meant to type fiends, not friends)

  5. This is one of the colors I ordered in the larger size with no chain but comes with one long and one short leather strap. I’m so excited!!! It’s Be-U-tee-ful!
  6. I just got to know of the Kan I and I love it! It looks like the Gucci Dionysus, just wondering which came first. But the Dionysus is very heavy. I like the logo embossed black and black and brown Kan Is, although I'm not sure if the logos make the bags look loud. The ones without the logo embossed looks very feminine.
  7. I see a small resemblance, but I also see a bit of Chanel flap. I still think it has it’s own style, and is far softer and more functional than the Dionysus. I usually do not gravitate to logos, but I think this Kan I is done tastefully and playfully. I love the non logo ones as well, but since I have several Chanel flaps and many other solid leather bags, I decided to go for the FF logo bags! I’m going to have fun with them and dress them up with all kinds of handles and charms. Until now I think I’ve been bag boring!!

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