Kan I Bag - your thoughts?

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  1. #76 Oct 18, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018
    Do you think the 4 cube colored buttons on the bag feels plasticky? Sometimes i feel it looks like Lego
    But I really like the style of this bag especially in the white color;Very pretty and ladylike

    72584301-296C-4D33-B753-E76DA5BBB95E.jpeg C8BDF56F-FA1F-4413-AF3E-881149861E38.jpeg
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  2. No, I don't think they feel plasticky or cheap at all! :tup:
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  3. Hi ladies
    Anyone here own this style or any small Kan I bag
    What’s your thoughts
    Do you think the embossed FF makes the bag looks outdated?

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  4. I can't with a bag whose name makes me feel like it's constantly asking for permission.

    It's pretty though.
  5. IMG_4656.jpg I don’t think the embossing on the bag makes it look dated. It’s what actually drew me to the bag[emoji7][emoji7]
  6. Oh my
    Is that your bag?
    Really pretty!! Have you seen the white color before?
    Do you think the shape is too squarish?
    Do you think the size is comparable to other bags?
    My lady dior perhaps?
    Do you have a mod shot?
    Thanks for your reply..
  7. 6ACBD7E7-AE0A-4346-ACF9-7CF49565C100.jpeg E6C8EE31-74F1-4E74-8801-6D06AF6DC6D4.jpeg
    So cute ♥️
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  8. What do you all think of the Kan I FF? Is it going to be a next classic?
  9. Love this one with chain more than the one with the strap ( bigger size) It is very beautiful and chic
  10. IMG_5090.jpg
    Here’s a mod shot... sorry for the pic in pajamas lol! I love the bag and I definitely don’t think it’s to square in its shape. I love the chain detail and it holds a good bit inside. I’m not sure what bag I could compare it to as I’ve never held a lady Dior. I hope this helps and thanks for the compliment!
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  11. IMG_4655.jpg
    Comparison for size reference
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  12. Thank you for sharing this picture
    Lovely bag
    The size is perfect ♥️♥️
  13. C9FD5686-5D64-475B-AEA3-915202E22E29.jpeg 5BA01E09-0280-4413-BF15-C7B6CAC5B272.jpeg Ok, just purchased this Kan I in all black. What do you all think? I thought it’s chic with the minimal details. Was initially looking for the brown/ black one bit this was what’s available at the time... thoughts?
    Also, planning on getting a strap you for it to glam it up a little bit, ideas or suggestions would be highly appreciated ... thanks
  14. Wow your bag is gorgeous ♥️
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  15. Your bag is amazing :heart: I think all black will make it more versatile for the strap yous!! you are going to have so much fun finding a strap for it :smile: