Kan I Bag - your thoughts?

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  1. @melsig I really like the essentially peekaboo. It looks more modern than the original but also seems like you can still carry it for years! I'd say the only drawback if you buy one now is the color selection - they do have great colors but you know it's not as many options as the peekaboo has. But if I was choose between a solid classic peekaboo vs an essentially I'd definitely pick the essentially for the "fresher" look.
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  2. Sorry to post twice back to back haha but I saw this bag in the Fendi New York store and it was to die for! I should have a taken a pic - in the store they put the mini strap featured below on it too. I don't think I could spend so much on a "trendy" bag you can't really wear it everyday, but just wanted to say if anyone has money to burn this bag is :loveeyes::hbeat::hbeat::hbeat:

    2.jpg 3.jpg 8AV105A1AGF11IR_01_MediumSize.jpg
  3. Thanks @LaurenMichelle. I know what you mean about the range of colors, but I actually quite like the black (except for the gold hardware - I usually go for silver), so I may finally be in the market for a classic looking bag without, er, any stripes or purple or pink.... :lol:
  4. Wowwwww!! I love this blue. Kind of in a mood for a blue bag right now. Love this!
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  5. YESS! I saw this too and gasped, I was eyeing up the neutrals, then saw the blue the colour of the flap but this one is actually stunning. Trendy but who cares!
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  6. I Love this! This bag is gorgeous on you. Is it the Small? I love how you’ve styled it.
  7. Thank you! :smile: Yes that's the kan i small. It holds a lot though - I can fit small wallet, camera, sunglasses. I love it.
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  8. It’s a great-looking small bag! I’m currently debating between the Kan I Small size and a regular or mini Peekaboo. I love the look of both styles and both “ fit” my style. Shopping from a distance is hard! You’ve got great taste in bags and great style!
  9. Hey guys is this bag seasonal? Or are they going to keep this model for a long time?
  10. i don't understand how nobody else raves about the kan i... i LOVE it!!!
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  11. In LOVE with your bag!!!! I am considering buying it in the future, I don’t own anything designer yet but I’m saving for this bag, in this color! Is in heavy? How about comfort?
  12. I heard a blogger say she turned in her Gucci Dionysus and got the Kan I because the gucci was so heavy. I dont think the kan I is a bag anyone would pick up and complain of the weight... the only thing that has a noticeable weight on the bag is the chain. I love it because the leather is luxurious but not delicate, the bag is small but holds a lot. The only thing is only for certain outfits you cannot wear it is as a crossbody - sometimes it's just too short. But somehow with my coat it just worked. But to wear on the side or double the chain and wear under your arm is so easy. I definitely have no regrets and the color makes it easy to wear with everything. It was my first designer bag too! But since then I bought one more Fendi because I had such a good experience with Fendi. I bought a Louis Vuitton accessory before and the store was a madhouse and my husband said never again and that Fendi was better lol.
  13. Thank you so much for your detailed reply, now i want it even more!! Everyone speaks wonders about the fendi staff. I honestly think this bag is prettier than any chanel or lv, and way more exclusive! You just don’t see it! Very versatile too, I can see it for every day and for a wedding
  14. Hi how are you guys loving this Kan I bag?
    I’m thinking of getting the Medium scalloped white

    E412D3C7-987D-4CA7-B038-F77F4F63742B.jpeg BD59675C-F919-4EA9-A2F8-BFF20BC23208.jpeg
  15. I have a medium Kan-I with leather strap rather than chain, and I really like it. The size is good for what I carry and the bag has held up well. The only minor complaint I have is that if I'm carrying a lot, the clasp is a little fiddly to close. But that's as much due to my stuffing the bag as anything else, I would say.
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