Kan I Bag - your thoughts?

  1. what do you guys think? this bag is new for SS17

    img-thing.jpg NMV3CKX_mk.jpg Fendi-Blue-Kan-I-Crossbody-Bag.png 8M0381SR0F0JBY_02_MediumSize.jpg
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  2. I like it. I wonder if the strap can be detached and threaded through the 4 rings on the flap (2 on the front and 2 on the back).
  3. I like this one... ;)

    f 032_ba0a5932-e11f-459d-a12f-1dc0c4534429.JPG
  4. The style does not look unique. However, the different patterns and choices make it awesome.
  5. I'm in love with the black color one.
  6. I saw some got their logo embossed underneath the studs but some don't? :confused1:
  7. I love their designers. Very creative!
  8. I just got mine. It's so hard to locate at the moment. Just first two weeks since they are in stores.
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  9. That's great news, xxjoolisa! :amuse: Please post a reveal when possible! ;)
  10. Adorable video on Kan I...I'll take one of each!

  11. This one is WOW!
    NMV3FF9_bu.jpg NMV3FF9_mu.jpg
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  12. So gorgeous! A work of art!!
  13. +1! :yes:
  14. reveal please ;)
  15. I like this bag