Kan I bag still in style? New to Fendi!

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  1. Hello!

    I am brand new to Fendi and this bag caught my eye! Is the Kan I bag still in style? Will it remain in style for some time?

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  2. It’s my favorite style. I just bought 5 of them!!!
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  3. I love the Kan I! I have 3 in the medium size and 1 in the small size. They're all in really different designs. They've held up really well and I get lots of compliments every time!
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  4. I get compliments every time I wear a Kan I too. I did not know I was going to like the small one as much as I do. I may have to be on the lookout for another one.
    Here is my small ( I was searching for the regular size but they were all sold out.) I purchased the strap separately. 65735031-9DB6-4F80-8955-638E4CDB49DD.jpeg

    I can wear it with these straps as well:
    665FA780-1E34-4217-B9FC-429160CFD4D2.jpeg 348606BE-FD95-484F-B878-771D9357A560.jpeg

    I also get a great many compliments on this green Kan I with coral accents and velvet F strap (purchased separately): 1E695AF0-2B43-4324-840E-59FF0638E54F.jpeg
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  5. Kan I is still fairly new i think? I don't own any Kan I but seems like a versatile, pretty and easy to use type of bag.
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  6. I think it is my favorite style bag of all time!!! I have over 100 bags from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, etc, and the Kan I has people - even strangers - raving over whichever one I am carrying everywhere I go!! Either the small or the medium is perfect for day or night.

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  7. The Kan I is one of my favorite styles from Fendi!!! I have my eyes set on the brown FF monogram one :cool:
  8. Is this the one you are referring to?
    8FAABADB-1E31-4BBB-826E-CA1D9D90D6C0.jpeg 4CA93617-0218-49A0-A77A-11AE238C99A2.png E9B4012D-F6FE-4DAB-AC5E-D49542EF56DF.png
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