Kan I bag flap broken

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  1. Hello :smile:

    I bought this beautiful Kan I bag in the large size back in May 2018.
    However last week I opened the bag and the flap on one side had completely broken away.
    After looking at the construction of the flap, I noticed it was held together with 3 small rods and glue - no stitching at all.
    Anyway I took it back to the store yesterday, they said it will be sent off to see if it can be fixed. Even if it can be fixed I have lost trust in the construction of this bag, now knowing how it’s held together. It’s such a shame, I love the look of the bag but disappointed on how flimsy it has been made.
    Has anyone heard of this happening to this model before ?

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  2. I think it is just on this scalloped-edge style of the Kan I.

    The Dior Gaucho was made this way with only studs to hold the strap in place and there were several problems over time with the studs separating. Some Valentino pieces with Rockstuds are set this way too, and they are not as strong as stitching. I think that it was part of the design and, especially in the case of this Kan I bag, it would not look as good with a horizontal stitching line going across the back of the flap which does not match the scalloped edges.
  3. Oh my goodness! I just ordered 2 bags with the scalloped edges! If it were me, I would just have someone local repair it or maybe leather surgeons. For some reason I don’t trust department stores or shipping it off to another country for repair. I’m sorry you experienced this and I hope this is the only issue with quality that we hear about.
  4. I saw this thread and went to the store to see how the black bag with the brown Fendi logo was constructed. It is not scalloped edge but I could feel 3 round rods as well. I don't know for sure if there is any stitching but it looks like there was none. I wanted the black one but knowing this will happen, I'm having second thoughts now. I love everything about the bag but I worry this will happen to the flap. The bag is really expensive to cause this worry!
  5. Oh wow. This is exactly what I need to know, just cross another bag out of my 2019 wishlist.
  6. UPDATE : the bag has now been repaired free or charge (I was within my warranty period) they fixed the bag within a month of taking it to the store.

    I can’t fault the store and customer service that I received as that was amazing but structure of the bag is ridiculous in my opinion. Such a shame, it’s such a beautiful bag. I don’t know whether to sell it or keep it.

    It hasn’t put me off the brand, they have so many lovely that bags. But I wouldn’t touch this style again, no matter how beautiful it is.
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