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  1. How do you all feel about Kale? Honest opinions, I have my eye on one, but it's over $600 ("Lyndon Grande") so I need some help. :confused1:
  2. Kale? Educate me.....
  3. I think it's kale.com. It's a pain in the neck website (you need the latest version of flash) and the navigation isn't easy, but they have a few good bags.
    I emailed higala.com to ask what else they would be carrying soon and they mentioned Kale but I had never heard of them :shrugs:
  4. I am possibly being really stupid here, but when I go to Kale.com, it is some sort of research foundation...... can't see any bags.....

    Can you post a link to the bags?
  5. If you look in my showcase, I have a small pink kale bag. It's really cute and the material is really soft. I don't know much about them - I got the bag at a sample sale - but I really like that bag and some bigger totes I've seen.
  6. they are great. kind of like an indie designer with lots of experience. I'm a fan...
  7. Rose: try KALE.

    I think they look great, especially the Lyndon Grande in metallic suede! Love the teal! I've looked at them on their website before but don't know much else about them. I also remember seeing them on activeendeavors.com. If you do get one, please let us know. I'd like to hear more about them. I really like lesser know yet quality brands. Thanks for posting, I had almost forgotten about these!

    I'm sorry... they aren't on activeendeavors any longer.
  8. Ah, thank you, its kalehandbags.com not kale.com!
  9. Kale is a FANTASTIC brand. Their bags are VERY well made. I like their bags a lot.
  10. I don´t see anything when I click collection. I like the look of the bags that came up on images.google though.
  11. I've seen them; they're nice but nothing special for the price I think. That's way high, and for that price I would look around. Mike & Chris, Luba J, Gustto, so many cute bags in that price range.
  12. i have the kale 'essential' handbag from a year or two ago that i love - it's hemp and black leather and the leather is so thick and beautiful & holds up wonderfully. the bag is HUGE; i use it mostly for a laptop tote or for magazines/books/etc. when i travel. it's super-strong and well worth the $395 i paid for it...

  13. I agree, the teal's an amazing colour. :yes:

    My only reservation is, that along with many other brands of this type, the hardware looks rather cheap. :shrugs:
  14. I have 7 Kale handbags, and I absolutely love them. The details are fantastic - chrome or brass hardware, which has held up pretty well for me - suede linings on all the bags, luxurious leathers and a really different look. I own the essential tote (in pink, brown and black), which is huge, the old Posted #2 in apple green, which gets compliments all the time, a purple Posted from the original collection, and two of the short east-west bags. The new purses they have out now look fantastic - I'm just waiting for them to go on sale !

  15. I wasn't trying to suggest that the hardware was inadequate, or wouldn't last.

    After all, these bags are relatively expensive.

    I was just saying that, in my experience (and I have owned bags at all price points), you generally get what you pay for and that the hardware used for bags at this price point generally looks a bit insubstantial when compared with that used for higher end bags.

    Maybe I was just stating the obvious! :lol:
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