Kale Tate vs. Rachel Nasvik Patricia???

  1. Am in need of some help from the purse experts. What do you guys think of the Kale Tate vs. the Rachel Nasvik Patricia??? I've not seen either in real life, but both are on sale for less than $350. I'd be curious for specifics on the quality of each one. I've only read good things about the Kale (green below), but some iffy things about the Nasvik bags (burgundy below). Your help is greatly appreciated!!!


  2. I have the Patricia in several colors. I really like it, the leather is unusual and very easy to keep clean - it's coated with something that allows you to just use a damp paper towel to wipe scuffs away. It IS a large bag so you can get lots in it. Very durable, high quality and not one you see everywhere.
    I don't have a Kale but read lots of good things about them.
  3. both are great i think... i don't have them but from the pics, i like the style.
    i don't think u can make a wrong decision by choosing one of them.
  4. Thanks, Ladies. I think the Patricia has the edge. I definitely like the fact that it's made in NYC.
  5. I own the Tate in the medium size-same color and I love it!:yes: I've gotten so many compliments on the color and the bag style. Plus if you order it on their website it is on sale!
  6. They are both nice bags, but the Kale Tate is more interesting/fun to look at in my opinion.
  7. JNH- can I have your Kale bag? Pretty please? Thanks!
  8. JNH - Does the Tate fit over your arm? Even with a coat?