KALE 'Tate' Pictures

  1. Does anyone have pictures of the regular sized Kale Tate shoulder bag? Modeling pics would be great but any pictures would help! TIA!:flowers:
  2. I just got this bag on sale at Bluefly. I LOVE IT! (just wanted to share some pics)

    Such a unique blue. Looks black until light hits it! :biggrin:


    HELLO bright pink suede interior! :heart:

  3. I love it. They had a Kale on eBay but it looked really knocked about. I love that bag.
  4. Niseixtehshi, your bag is gorgeous! Love the colors against each other :tup:!
  5. Thank you ladies. :smile:
  6. ^^If it's the one I saw the owner CUT THE TASSELS!!!!! How awful! They were just little nubs!

  7. Great looking bag! :tup:

  8. Lovely shade of blue. Congrats.
  9. Great Bag!!!