KALE Tate $261

  1. This line has BEAUTIFUL designs. I have a couple of questions: Are they heavy? The suede is fabulous but I wasn't sure if it made the bags carry extra weight. Also, I noticed several sites describe the inside as having '2 patch pockets.' Does that mean it has 2 PDA/cell phone type pockets inside? Thanks!
  2. I find this bag to be heavy, but I'm also not used to heavier bags. So I think to most people, the weight is probably average. Inside, there is a cell phone pocket and a larger pocket on one side, and a zippered compartment on the other side.
  3. ooh great deal! t4p!

  4. Funny! I find this bag to be super light! But I'm used to very large, shoulder wrenching bags. :lol:

    The 2 patch pockets are actually outside. See the pic? Those pockets were inspired by a vintage shirt. You can't get much in them. They're quite narrow. Maybe keys. Some business cards. You might be able to slip a cell phone in them if the phone is slim enough.

    Just a note though - the straps are super annoying. One of them always slips off!
  5. I find this too! The outer strap drives me nuts.
  6. Love love love the denim.
    Wish I had the extra dough.
  7. I ordered the denim for myself but was disappointed to get a bag with what appears to be ink stains on the front. See pic below. Not sure what it is, but buffing didn't help. Back she goes!
  8. My Tate had a couple of spots that look like your picture, but they just turned out to be glue residue. A little gentle scratching with my finger nail, and they all came off.
  9. Yikes! You should return that stat! :tdown:
  10. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, that didn't work with the one I got. Also, I'm just not feeling this bag. I know there are a lot of KALE fans out there. This leather was a little too stiff and shiny for my taste.
  11. I kind of feel the same way about mine (also distressed leather). I have been contemplating giving my Tate to my mom. I just bought a Palmer II in washed calfskin, and I like it more than the distressed leather.
  12. Sounds like this bag has a problem staying on the shoulder well...do all of you that have this bag feel that way? And will it fit over the shoulder with a coat on? Seems like a tight fit over the shoulder...
  13. The outer strap on my Tate is always falling off. I haven't yet used it because of that! It's very annoying.
  14. I think I want a Kale bag, just so I can look at that delicious fuchsia interior! teehee :drool: