Kale - Spring and Fall 08' Leathers

  1. Howdy gang......
    Got a tidbit of info on some upcoming leathers for Kale this year.
    Seems like Kale likes to introduce different leathers each season and for Spring they will offer washed lambskin and for the Fall, washed goatskin (along with other leathers).
    Should be interesting to see their new line-up.

    New products should be featured on their website soon and Shopbop has not yet received the new inventory.

    Keep a look-out!
  2. I just got back from the shows in NYC and saw the fall 08 Kale. They are gorgeous! I think you guys will really love them.
  3. Oh my--I am very excited and thanks for the info you guys!!!!
  4. Are they doing the "tate" still?
  5. Ooh I saw on some online thing a bit back (can't remember what) a clutch from Kale's spring collection in fuchsia. At first I was a little thrown by such a bright color but I really think it will be a lot of fun now.
  6. Ya I saw something in fuschsia i believe it was the tate bag... new colors for spring should be exciting....