Kale Sample Sale

  1. I've been to KALE sample sales before... numerous times actually!!!! I think it's either a hit or miss but every time i've gone i always see something that I like.....

    Don't give up though you never know what new surprises that they come out with...
  2. I love Kale. I just bought my first bag from them last week, and want to get a bag suede Lyndon bag too. I hope I can get a steal on it at the sample sale.
  3. I've never participated in any sort of sample sales before... can you ladies tell me what to expect? what kind of deals have you gotten??
  4. Hi Letso,

    How was the cooper building this Friday? Did you stop by the gerry building too? I wanted to go, but I just couldn't get myself to wake up on time! It was my day off - and I def needed the sleep. But - I feel as though I really missed out.

    What did you get?:shame:
  5. :hrmm: I wouldn't be able too...haven't been to one myself..thus am looking quite forward to this one! I love Kale... check out some of their bags on endless.com. The kalehandbags.com website doesn't show the interior of the bag.... endless.com does, and the interior I think is the hottest part!
  6. Is this 8am Pacific time?
  7. It's started!
  8. The Palmer sold out in about 3 seconds
  9. I have a Tate E/W in fig and coal in my cart.... can't decide...
  10. Does anyone have a coal Kale bag? The color looks kind of blah on my monitor but I'm wondering how it is IRL...
  11. They had the raisin tates, and they sold out quick too! $243 was a steal!!

    they sold out of the palmer and the lyndon bags i like:crybaby:
  12. Dang that was fast. Why oh why did I need to leave my desk at 10.57am?
    I may or may not have scored a Tate E/W in Coal. It sold out while in my cart.
  13. When I read the FAQs, it sounded like they hold your cart for 15 minutes... so if it was in your cart, I think it's yours!