Kale Sample Sale!!

  1. K A L Esale:
    60% off all Spring 2007 merchandise!

    Friday, August 31st, 10am - 3pm

    @ the cooper building
    suite 312
    860 south los angeles street
    downtown l.a., ca 90014
  2. Oh man...so jealous of you LA girls right now. Isn't it enough that you get all that beautiful weather? :lol:
  3. damn it, out of town! BLAH!
  4. NO!!! I'm so jealous... :cry:
  5. Well, it's not 60% off, but Sale07 still works on Kale's website for 40% off. I just bought a Palmer II.
  6. Definitely will be there... If anyone else has the free day you should really try to get the sale, I've been to the sale before and it's a killer of great bags and amazing deals..
  7. I'm not familiar with Kale..I willhave o check out!
  8. I will be sneaking out of work to make this sale.
  9. I just got the Palmer in Navy from Shopbop. This was my first Kale and I am totally hooked. It is an awesome bag! I even had my nails painted in a navy blue color to go with the new bag.
  10. I need to see pictures. Can anyone who has a Kale bag please post pics and reviews? Thanx
  11. Kale is awesome! It was one of my first better quality bags and I still love them! I have 4 altogether and they have very good leather. Not squishy, but very nice. And the inside is TDF. I think I buy these bags even more for the fushia suede lining than anything! You can see the lining at endless.com. The actual Kale website doesn't have the greatest pictures. They're a little on the heavier side, but very well made and definitely worth it.
  12. So does anyone know what the price range will be at the the sale?

    Also, just curious, what bag are you really hoping to find at the sale?
  13. Well, most of they styles are usually around $500-$600 retail, and usually max about $800, so probably all should be well under $500 at the sale. Alas, I can't get to the sale myself, so I'll have to live vicariously through those of you who do! Hopefully they'll have a good selection to choose from.
  14. thanks
  15. aww man! i was planning on going to LA this weekend too but decided not to. :sad: let us know how it is!!