Kale sale, 40% off all merchandise!

  1. enter sale07 at checkout

  2. I'm trying for the green tate, wish me luck...
  3. There was a green tate? Ok, good luck! :yahoo:
  4. Nope sorry, I lost it for a moment...I meant mustard.
  5. i saw the sale too!
    should I get the palmer in black or blush?
    there is no way I can get both!
  6. I have a palmer in black and i love it! I'm not too crazy about the blush color, but then again I'm not a huge fan of any pinkish hue.
  7. I got the crazy peacock blue carry all ... because it was already on sale i only paid $230!

    Trying to decide whether to get the tate or palmer next ... not sure which style i like best ...??
  8. I got the Tate in barolo. Do these bags look stunning or what???
  9. Does anyone know how long this discount lasts?
  10. These bags are beautiful. Of course, the one I want (XL Utility in brown) is sold out. Any idea if you can get the discount on sale items or backordered items?
  11. Based on Hayley's post above, yes on the sale items, but I don't know for the backordered items.
  12. For other questions, you guys can always PM xx, she works at Kale.

    please don't recommend this, PMs are not to be used this way.
  13. Grace- I bought the same one, although I certainly didn't need another bag :nuts:

    I've been lusting after this bag ever since it was featured in a spread in Lucky magazine.
  14. I'd never even heard of these bags til I saw the post about the sale..I can't ever resist a thread about sales. :graucho: But when I saw them..oh my! I was gonner! :sweatdrop:
  15. hey ladies, can you keep me updated on the backordered goods and if we can use the discount on those...thanks a bunch!