Kale Palmer or Tate in green

  1. Okay, so I think I found my green bag, but now I'm undecided as to which style. Both bags are large enough. Somehow I think the Tate looks more professional, but then I think the Palmer would make the transition from work to evening out better. What do you guys think?

    Pics are from Kale's website. First one is the Tate, second is the Palmer.
    TATE.jpg PALMER.jpg
  2. Tate!
  3. I like the tate! Pretty green color too.
  4. I agree that the Palmer is a better day to night size, but I just love the look of the Tate and it looks like a prettier green, too. I vote Tate!
  5. I would go with the Palmer. I like that shape better.
  6. Hate to burst your bubble Janinevs, but before you get further excited about either bag, you better contact KALE for an update. Last I contacted them, both are out of stock....they told me that I bought the last Tate. So sorry, but I thought it'd be best to tell you!! :sad:
  7. I love the color of the tate!
  8. ....sorry, forgot to mention that Kale (corporate) is out of stock, but maybe you could still find either from one of the stores/online stores! (check their website!) Good Luck!
  9. I have the Tate in green-LOVE IT! Great bag!:p
  10. Tate:smile:
  11. Palmer!
  12. Really, I better call them then. :sad:
  13. i like the Tate- looks more hip and fun. the color is nice too. the Palmer looks boring...but thats just me. hope this helps :smile: