Kale palmer opinions

  1. I am looking to purchase a kale palmer in one of the new colors for fall. Does anyone have one? Any opinions on kale and their leather?
  2. I love Kale! I've got 4 bags total, 2 of which are Palmers and one Palmer II. The leather is incredible, the lining is fuschia suede and I get tons of compliments! Definitely worth it!
  3. I have the Kale Palmer in black and i don't LOVE the bag -- it's more of a utility bag for me. I used it mostly for work and shoved my laptop in there b/c it fit. I treated it horribly and it still looks pretty good.

    I ordered it online from KALE last fall (November) and when it arrived I was so excited. The leather is amazing and wears really well and it has a suede hot pink lining which is cute. The thing that makes me dislike the bag are the side clasps -- it arrived slightly damaged, meaning that one doesn't stay in it's place and clasp correctly. It was irritating to constantly have to clasp it again and again while i was walking.

    I could have sent it back and asked for a replacement, but when i first ordered the bag i talked to someone in the office and asked about the leather quality and she kinda gave me an attitude. I figured why deal with an unfriendly staff.

    Anyway, my suggestion is to keep looking. There are WAY cuter bags out there in that price range. I don't regret my purchase b/c it served me well when i was still using that bag. But it's a pretty good value considering how poorly i treated the thing and it still looks pretty darn good.

    My two cents.
  4. I have 2 Kales - a palmer II in marine and a tate in denim. I really love both bags, although I tend to use the Tate more often (it's more practical for work). I always get compliments when I use it. I keep thinking that maybe I need a tate in another color ...

    Anyway, I think there have been several threads about Kale on this forum. A woman who works for Kale also regularly posts here, and has answered a lot of questions in those threads.