Kale Palmer II Satchel $158 at Amazon!

  1. If it were black, I'd be ALL over it. Thanks for posting, though.
  2. Bagatella, you can rest easy! There's a reason it's marked down-- I bought it, and returned it IMMEDIATELY! It was a bit beat up, and there were weird marks (discoloration) in the leather. And the distressed leather was really stiff -- not nice quality at all. The first Kale bag I'd seen IRL, and it really turned me off!
  3. It's gone! I guess someone bought it afteralll...thanks for posting though bagatella.
  4. Ahh, the plot thickens... Thanks for letting us know. Sorry to hear that you didn't like it. I've never seen a Kale IRL...Is the leather stiff on all of them?
  5. I've heard the leather is generally really nice, but I guess the distressed leather is stiff. Someone here also had a problem with the Tate from Amazon in the same denim distressed leather.
  6. I just checked and it says there are two left.
  7. Ohhhh I love kale! Too bad about the color though...I have a Balenciaga that's pretty close so I think I will resist :drool:.

    I have a Palmer in Blush...and I don't think its that stiff...its not soft as butter or anything but it really is a great every day bag...I did expect it to be a little more supple but I think that will come with time. One of the little rivety things came off like the second day I used it so that really irked me a little.
  8. I have a Tate in distressed leather, and it is stiff, but then again, I don't have to worry about it much. I have the Palmer II in washed calfskin, and it's much softer.
  9. Wow that is a crazy deal that is unresistable
  10. It shows unavailable now! Oh, well, I guess I didn't want it anyway if it is scuffed up. :tdown:
  11. It reminds me of a Morning After bag....
  12. It's actually much more rounded than a MA. This picture doesn't do it justice. I got mine for over $400!! Whoever got it got a good deal (as long as they didn't get the scuffed up one!!:smile:)