Kale Palmer Bag $334

  1. That is a really great deal aren't they normally like around $700 or something close to that!?!?:tup::tup:
  2. I just got the Tate in pink and there was no dustbag. :hrmm:
  3. YAY! I just went Kale Kraaaaaazy! I have been checking out all the pics of everyones bee-U-ti-ful Kales and had to join the club! I hope I got good deals.

    I got the Navy Blue Palmer from Bluefly for $336 shipped and the Chocolate Tate from Endless for $278 shipped.

    Please tell me I will love them???:yahoo:
  4. Ooh I'm jealous. The Palmer is adorable.
  5. You got the Chocolate tate for $278 wow...that's a good deal...damn, sucks to know I pay more for the same bag...oh wells.
    I got the Navy Tate shoulder from blue fly at $366 (after tax and shipping)...I hope I like it too...did anyone ever have the Kate? Please let me know if its a good buy/bag....thanks.
  6. I have 3 kale bags- a regular tate similar to the chocolate you bought, a grande tate, and an EastWest tate. I love all three of them! It sucks because I bought two other bags, which I never received, so just decided to quit waiting on them to send it to me and cancelled the order. I really really really want a PALMER! I love my Kale bags, and i'm sure you will t:huh:! The leather is great quality. Not smooshy, but my Kale bags are great throw around bags so don't worry too much abt taking care of them..

    congrats on your new bags! you got great prices on em!
  7. do you know or anyone know if Navy Tate is better or the color Chocolate is better?
  8. I love the navy! It is TDF! i have a raisin tate too which is a little lighter than the chocolate. i love them both honestly! there are pics on the "kale sample sale" thread.
  9. hmmm...but if you have to choose one...only one - would it be chocolate or navy?
  10. Ahh thats hard. Ok the chocolate can go with mostly all colors but black. The navy is a really dark navy and looks good with warm and cool colors year round. The navy pink combination is TDF. I would go for that one. It looks great with jeans! But if you wear more browns, then go for the chocolate.
  11. Go with the navy. There will always be other brown bags...

  12. Desi - thank you, you have been a great help. I ordered the navy already...but then, realize maybe the chocolate will be better and thinking of ordering that one too and then return the navy but it's really a hassle...part of me don't want to do that whole returning a bag deal or selling on eBay...too troublesome..

    I am really bad at making decisions...and your suggestions helped me. Chocolate can go mostly all colors BUT black - i wear black most of the time...navy - goes well with warm AND colors now that's a plus...so Navy it is then. :woohoo:
  13. hahaha....

    Sango - thank you for your help too...you and Desi made my day...makes me feel better that my initial purchase with Navy was a good choice.