Kale Palmer - $167 at OTTE

  1. KalePalmerBag_M.jpg
  2. Holy Crud- that's a $700 bag:wtf:

    Whoever picks up this baby is getting the steal of the year!
  3. It's still available! You all are slacking LOL! :p
  4. I just can't pull the trigger. :sad:
  5. sigh, me neither $187 with tax and shipping but i just don't like brown bags :sad:

    any other color and i would have gotten it:crybaby:
  6. If only I wasn't on a purse ban!
  7. Gone now :sad:
  8. Aah! I'd have bought that!
  9. it's the suede....scares people. me included!!!! I have that bag in Navy leather--yum. Whoever got it is one happy camper! :jammin:
  10. Good thing you didn't see it then! Lol, I've seen you list out all your purchases . . .
  11. Yeah, good point. I may be the only one who won't be freaked out if my orders get cancelled. But for that comment I'm going to find you the perfect law school bag - misery loves company!
  12. Does anyone know how long Otte takes to process orders? I ordered some stuff Monday night and it is still processing. Hope they don't cancel!

  13. I also placed an order yesterday morning and it is still processing... hopefully it will turn out ok because they had some real deals.
  14. DARN I missed this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. The order that I placed Monday night has now been delivered! :yahoo:

    I got some great deals on clothing - I am so excited. Hope your order works out too!