Kale or LP? Help!!

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  1. Okay ladies, I trust your opinions completely. I am down to 2 bags....this Kale (on sale for $243)


    or this Linea Pelle Gillian for only $202
  2. I like the Kale.
  3. I like the Kale too. It looks like a good classic bag.
  4. Kale
  5. I have the Kale (in blue) and it's amazing. The only thing to think about is the drop... it may not be a shoulder bag for you, depending on how big your shoulders are. Mine has a ~6.5 -7 inch drop, but I have heard that bags from the newer seasons have longer handles.
  6. Kale
  7. I'm a Kale fan too.
  8. Kale!
  9. The LP!
  10. Kale!
  11. I prefer the Kale, I'm not crazy about the shape of the LP bag or the chain on it.
  12. i like the LP, can i ask where it is on sale at? i dont necessarily want this bag, but are there any other LP's on sale? I am dying to get a Piper or Angie
  13. The LPs are on sale at Kataphileo.com. Great CS too! and an extra 3% if you register with them!
  14. I have both these bags... so I'm not help at all, love them both. The strap drop may definitely be an issue an the Kale. Mine barely fits over my shoulder, definitley doesn't with a coat. I like the Kale for a bit dressier, more conservative bag and the Gillian for a casual fun weekend bag. Like I said, I'm no help at all cause I say BOTH! :shrugs:
  15. i like the LP better